Bee & Wasp Nest Removal

Once you have discovered a bees or wasp nest at your property, its best to contact me quickly to resolve this issue. Don’t attempt to touch it or dispose of it yourself as their unpredictable behaviour can cause even more issues such as bees or wasps in and around your home. As a pest controller I will determine what the best options are (for you and the bees) and will safely take care of the nest for you.

Why should I have a bee or wasp nest removed?

If you or anyone else that spends time in the vicinity of a bee or wasps’ nest is  allergic to stings, call us immediately. A severe reaction to bee or wasp venom can kill in a very short period of time and it’s absolutely not worth the risk of tackling the nest yourself or leaving it alone.

Is having a bee or wasp nest attached to my home a problem?

Bees and wasps are very territorial creatures. When your home becomes their home, they’ll think nothing of defending it against intruders, which means you’re at risk of getting stung. They can also be destructive. The longer a nest is allowed to grow inside a home the more damage it will cause and the harder it will be to eventually remove it.

Is the presence of a nest affecting your use of your outdoor space?

If the presence of a wasps’ nest is ruining your enjoyment of your outdoor space and you’re having to make significant adjustments to accommodate them, it may be time to call in a professional pest controller.

If you would like to discuss your concerns regarding bee or wasp activity or would like to learn more about bee or wasp nest removal, please contact me through the online enquiry form or telephone 07946 738333‬.

I can tackle a wide range of pest problems

I can control and manage wildlife without the need to use any harmful poisons or chemicals in turn this makes my pest control practices environmentally friendly and ethical.

All my pest control is only aimed at the pests that are to be dealt with, so there is no impact on non-pest species or the environment they live in.


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