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I can help when squirrels become a problem in your garden, loft or forestry.

Technically known as Sciurus carolinensis, grey squirrels are tree-climbing nut buriers. Scampering grey squirrels are a familiar sight, but sadly these American imports have had a disastrous impact on the native red squirrel.

The introduction of grey squirrels has had a disastrous impact on the UK’s only native squirrel species, the red squirrel. Greys compete with reds for food and also carry a virus known as squirrelpox. While greys are actually immune to the disease, they transmit it to reds, for whom it is fatal. The UK’s only viable populations of red squirrels are in places where greys are rare or absent.

Grey squirrels can cause serious problems for foresters, native wildlife and gamekeepers. The bark stripping from tree trunks during the months of May and June damages stands of timber and natural woodland.
In spring, the taking of eggs and young chicks can be devastating for songbird and ground-nesting bird populations. Damage to hoppers, feed bins and water pipes can cause serious and costly shoot management problems.

The method of control I use is trapping and shooting.

If you would like to discuss your concerns regarding squirrel activity or would like to learn more about squirrel control, please contact me through the online enquiry form or telephone 07946 738333‬.

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I can control and manage wildlife without the need to use any harmful poisons or chemicals in turn this makes my pest control practices environmentally friendly and ethical.

All my pest control is only aimed at the pests that are to be dealt with, so there is no impact on non-pest species or the environment they live in.


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